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For 2011 we are bringing a whole new group of talent to our fly fishing video and fly tying video podcast. We have arranged to film with:

Official Tyer of Fly Fishing Team USA-Leslie Wrixon Anglers Choice Flies Wets-Michael Schmidt Realistic Fly Tyer -Bob Mead
Innovative Tyer/Author/Artist -Jay "Fishy" Fullum
Author and Fly Fisherman -Charlie Meck
Author and Fly Fishing Guide- Eric Stroup

John Kavanaugh tying the HTA and Last Chance Cripple

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Fly Tying Video - John Kavanaugh Ties The Last Chance Cripple Cornuta

John Kavanaugh joins us again for this week’s Fly Tying Vdeo and twists up the Last Chance Cornuta Cripple. This is fly is John's take on Rene Harrop's deadly Western pattern. It has been adapted for an East Coast hatch, the Cornuta or Large Blue Winged Olive.

John Kavanaugh ties an ANCHOVY!

For this week’s Fly Tying Video we are super fortunate to have our good friend John Kavanaugh. John joins the podcast with his Saltwater Fly Pattern the H.T.A. or Hy Tye Anchovy. This is a FANTASTIC fly pattern that was developed to imitate an Anchovy.

JCS Electric Caddis Larva

For this week's Fly Tying Video, John Collins and I revisit the Electric Caddis. This was one of our first videos way back when people still had cameras that had tape (two years ago LOL.)

Fly Tying Video-Jeff Blood ties the Blood Dot

For this week's Fly Tying Video Jeff Blood ties up the Blood Dot. This is hands down, the best egg pattern out there. This is a great fly in the fall and spring when eggs are in the drift and a readily available food source.

Fly Tying Video Eric Stroup Ties The Jbug

For this weeks Fly Tying Video Eric Stroup Twists up the Jbug. a fantastic BWO Nymph pattern that uses all of 4 materials that you already own. It even has a split color difference between the top and bottom of the abdomen.

Mike Schmidt ties the meal ticket

For this weeks Fly Tying Video I am super excited to have Mike Schmidt on the podcast! Mike is a hell of a fly tyer, and he kind of specializes in streamers. I am talking about the really big stuff you throw for huge fish...

Fly Tying Video-Eric Stroup Sulphur Nymph

For this week’s Fly Tying Video, our good friend Eric Stroup returns to twist up the goods. Stroup’s Sulphur Nymph is definitely my weapon of choice to match these Mayflies subsurface. I have been privy to the previous two (very effective) incarnations of this fly. The addition of the brown Thin Skin really makes this look like a Sulphur Nymph that is ready to emerge. I also like really the 50/50 proportions that Eric Ties this bug in.

John Collins Ties JC'S Electric Steelhead Stonefly

For this week's Fly Tying Video, John Collins ties up a great Steelhead pattern. This one is called J.C.'S Electric Steelhead Stonefly. Steelhead like crazy colored flies. This one fits the bill because it is Pink and Chartreuse (a color combo that has ALWAYS worked for us.) You are going to tie this on a super stout hook. A strong hook is maybe the most important piece of gear if you are going after Steelhead.

Fly Tying Video - Jay Fishy Fullum Ties the Wire Tail

For this week’s Fly Tying Video we filmed Jay “Fishy” Fullum at the 19th International Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset NJ. Fishy is well known for his creative flies and his equally inventive choice of materials. The Wire Tail is no exception. This is a fantastically simple and durable pattern that is accessible to any level of fly tier. In the true spirit of a Fishy Fly, he leaves the wing and head unfinished in the video.

John Collins Ties JC's Copperhead/Wooly Bugger Fly Tying Video

For this week's Fly Tying Video John Collins twists up JC's Copperhead. This is a great variation of the venerable Wooly Bugger. John has used some really interesting materials in this fly, building in some fantastic strike triggering properties and added durability.This fly will definitely out-fish your average Wooly Bugger. John ties the Copperhead in a huge range of sizes fro #16 to #4. This fly will catch Panfish, Bass, Trout, Carp etc.

Fly Tying Video John Collins Ties The Claret Wulff

For this weeks Fly Tying Video John Collins Ties the Claret Wulff. This is a great pattern for any piece of water that has a Slate Drake/Isonychia hatch. I am a big fan of the Wulff style flies. They are easy to see and float like a cork. Whenever I am throwing dries at risers, I always try to gain as many advantages as I can. One component of my strategy is to target rising Trout in broken water and glides.

Fly Tying Video John Collins Ties JC's Iso PT

For this weeks Fly Tying Video John Collins brings you another original pattern. J. C.'S Iso PT is a fantastic pattern that has put more than a few PA Trout in my net this year. I have to tell you, As the name states, this is a variation of a Pheasant Tail nymph that imitates an Isonychia Nymph. These nymphs are an important food source for Trout on the East Coast. Isonychia Nymphs are super fast swimmers/put some action on them.

Fly Tying Video Stimulator Stonefly

For this weeks Fly Tying video, John Collins gives us an Eastern take, on a Western staple. The Amber Stimulator imitates an Egg Laying Stonefly, but in a size and shade more appropriate for Eastern Streams. For the East use a Dai Riki 270 #12 thru #16, for the West tie this in the #6 range and in the appropriate colors. For Eastern streams and rivers this is a fantastic pattern to fish at dusk.

Pheasant Tail Video- Walt Young

For this weeks Fly Tying Video we have the final installment of our wing shooting/fly tying segments with guest tyer Walt Young. This time Walt twists up a fantastic variation of the Pheasant Tail Nymph. The main differences between the modern PT Nymph and the one Walt ties, are the omission of copper wire ribbing on the abdomen, and the substitution of dubbing instead of peacock herl on the thorax.

For this weeks Fly Tying Video Dave Brandt ties the Econo Betts Coffin Fly

For this weeks Fly Tying Video we have the triumphant return of Catskill legend Dave Brandt. Dave ties up one of the coolest takes on the Coffin Fly (Green Drake Spinner) I have ever seen. It is named the Econo Betts, which is a nod to fly tier John Betts. This one falls in to my favorite category of flies, "guide Style." This means it is quick to tie and catches fish. Dave's idea for the extended body is elegant, quick, and light.

Fly Tying Video Walt Young Ties The Hen Pheasant Soft Hackle

For this weeks Fly Tying Video we visit with the creator of Walts Worm, Mr. Walt Young. In our last segment we harvested some Pheasants for fly tying materials. So, we figured it might be a good idea to tie a few flies with those materials. This one is called the Hen Pheasant Soft-Hackle. I fished it as a Hendrickson Emerger last week and it killed! The really cool thing about this fly is that we use a hen neck/head feather instead of partridge for the Hackle.

Walt Young Wing Shooting and Fly Tying Materials

We have something a little different for this weeks Fly Tying Video. Guns, dogs, orange hats, and leather chaps! We travel to PA and meet up with Eric Stroup, Blue, and Walt Young to learn a few things about harvesting, storing, and selecting feathers from pheasants. Apparently if you have some thread, hooks, and a male and female pheasant you can tie more useful fly patterns than I could have imagined.

Fly Tying Video Scud

For this week’s Fly Tying Video John Collins twists up a Black Ribbed Scud. The one he is tying in the video is colored Grey but we also tie these in Tan, Olive, and Orange. You can weight these with lead wire or a bead. One of our favorite variations is a Tan scud tied with a Gold Nymph Head Bead. Scuds are a major food source for Trout in many River Systems. Make sure you have a few of these in your box…

Fly Tying Video - John Collins Ties Gary Lafontaine's Emergent Sparkle Pupa Electric Style

For this weeks Fly Tying Video John Collins twists up a new variation on one of Gary Lafontaine's classic patterns. We give you the Emergent Sparkle Pupa tied electric style. John came up with the electric style of patterns a few years ago. I have had the good fortune of stream testing many of these flies. Last spring he gave me a few of these and I have to tell you, they are killers.

John Collins Ties the Nymph Head Partridge and Orange Soft Hackle

For this weeks Fly Tying Video John Collins twists up a new spin on an old classic, the nymph head partridge and orange. We are big fans of swinging soft-hackles in the spring when trout are eating emergers. This is one of our favorite searching patterns when covering allot of water before the hatch starts. The cool thing about using the Nymph Head tungsten bead is that it gets the fly deeper to cover more of the water column.

Fly Tying Video Patriot Dry Fly Tied by Charles Meck

For this week's Fly Tying Video, extra special guest tyer Charles Meck ties up my all time go to attractor pattern, the Patriot. The first thing that is great about this pattern is all of the hackle. It floats like a cork and will not sink when you fish a good sized nymph under it. You can also see it from a mile away. The Trout also LOVE to slam this fly.It seems to make them angry. I have caught fish all over with the Patriot.

Fly Tying Video JC'S Rabbit Leech

For this weeks Fly Tying Video our Resident Fly Tying Guru John Collins ties up one of his own creations JC'S Conehead Crawfish Leech. This fly kills for both Smallmouth Bass and Trout. Change the body to black, and the cone for a pink or orange bead and throw it at winter Steelhead. Tying season is here so you better hit the bench hard...

Fly Tying Video JCS Biot Iso Spinner

For this weeks Fly Tying Video our Resident Fly Tying Guru John Collins ties up one of his own creations, JC'S Biot Body Iso Spinner. The first time I fished an Iso hatch/spinner fall with John I became a believer in his flies. Same water, same fish, hell we were almost fishing the same drift and he cleaned my clock. No, it was not a bad presentation smart guy, he was using this and I was using a haggard ugly dubbed Iso. Tie some up.

Fly Tying Video Charles Meck Ties The Green Weenie

For this week’s Fly Tying Video, extra special guest tyer Charles Meck ties up the Green Weenie. This is one of those great patterns that falls into the category we call “Guide Style” and Charlie calls “One Minute” flies. This is my favorite style of fly because they are cheap, easy, indestructible, and they catch fish. Take 5 minutes and tie up a dozen of these bad boys.

Fly Tying Video Soft Hackle Sulphur Spinner

For this weeks Fly Tying Video, Eric Stroup joins us with an inventive take on a Sulphur Spinner pattern. His Sulphur Soft Hackle Spinner is easy to tie, can be fished wet or dry, and kills it out on the water. I have been using this pattern for the Sulphur Spinners and believe me, it works. Who would have thought you could use a soft hackle for a spinner? People with beards are super tricky.

Fly Tying Video Episode 20 Dave Brandt

This week's Fly Tying video we travel to the cradle of American Fly Fishing and meet up with Dave Brandt. Not only are we super excited that Dave is gracing our little podcast with his skills, but he also arranged for us to film at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. Dave ties us up a sweet traditional Catskill March Brown Dry Fly in this weeks video.

Fly Tying Video 19

In this week's Fly Tying Video John Collins ties the CDC Puff Baetis Emerger. This pattern is meant to represent an emerging Blue Wing Olive. FISH THIS PATTERN ON THE BOTTOM!!! Olives get out of their shuck on the bottom and swim up with their wings already out. We catch more fish in May and June with this pattern than all others combined.

Fly Tying Video 18

For this week's Fly Tying Video, John Collins ties the Red Quill Biot Parachute. When coupled with the Biot Body Hendrickson Parachute, you have a killer combo for the male and female Hendrickson hatches. Spring is here and the Trout will be looking up for some grub.

Fly Tying Video 16

This weeks Fly Tying Video features special guest fly tier and central PA guide Eric Stroup tying the Zebra Midge. This is a super simple pattern that kills all over the country. Get the Recipe for McAuliffe's Glass Bead Zebra Pupa.

Fly Tying Video 15

For Februarys Fly Tying Video, guest Tier Eric Stroup ties Walt's Worm. This is a fantastic pattern that catches fish. It looks like a Cranefly Larva, Caddis Larva, or sow bug. Did I mention it is a great tie for all of you entry level Fly Tiers? If you can tie this, you are half way to a Hares Ear.

Fly Tying Video Lucky 13

For Januarys second Fly Tying Video, our resident fly tying guru John Collins ties one of his signature patterns J. C.'s Little Black Bead Stonefly Nymph. If you fly fish for Trout in the winter you know that this is a major food source.

Fly Tying Video 12

For Januarys first Fly Tying Video Our resident fly tying guru John Collins ties one of his signature patterns, J. C.'s Electric Caddis Larva, in our first fly tying video segment.