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Fly Tying Video Walt's Worm

For Februarys Fly Tying Video, guest Tier Eric Stroup ties Walt's Worm. This is a fantastic pattern that catches fish. It looks like a Cranefly Larvae, Caddis Larva, sow bug, or scud. Did I mention it is a great tie for all of you entry level Fly Tiers? If you can tie this, you are half way to a Hares Ear. We have been fishing this fly everywhere we hit the freshwater for Trout. It is a staple, first string fly that seems to catch fish anywhere we go. No joke, i fish this 90% of the time when I am nymphing and it always works. I know it you think I am kidding. More Trout for me...

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Walt's Worm Materials

Hook: Mustad 9671 size 10-16

Thread: 6/0 Tan

Weight: .015 lead wire

Dubbing: Hareline Hares Ear Plus #1