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Read Learn What Trout Really Eat by Michael McAuliffe in Kype Magazine

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Michael McAuliffe

Owner - Rise Form Studio/Guides

Director of Marketing/Web/Pro Staff REGAL VISE

Staff Writer - Kype Magazine

Instructor - REGAL Fly Tying School

PRO STAFFS - REGAL VISE - Partridge of Redditch - Whiting Farms

McAwful Facts

  • Michael loves music, but you will probably hate his taste. He had a GLORIOUSLY MISSPENT YOUTH going to Punk/HC shows on the EAST COAST. Michael thinks CABLE is the greatest band ever.
  • He thinks you need to clean up your drift. Michael believes you are exhausting Trout almost to death with that ludicrous 7x and under tippet.
  • Michael has too many Tattoos.
  • He takes almost nothing seriously.
  • Michael REFUSES to get a Cell or Smart Phone.
  • He is a former Art Professor and Art Department Chairmen. Michael has lots of degrees in putting stuff on top of other stuff. He LOATHES the Fine Art World and Academia.
  • Michael had the Greatest Father ever. He misses him every day.
  • Michael laughs a lot and has no regrets.
  • He does not care what anyone thinks about him. Michael keeps his own council...S'up World?