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Read Learn What Trout Really Eat by Michael McAuliffe in Kype Magazine

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This page will contain original articles written just for the web site as well as some of my published writings from fly fishing magazines. Scroll down the page to see the goods.

With the encouragement of several good friends, I started writing for Kype magazine. When a new issue is published, the previous issue will be offered here as a virtual magazine free of charge! I have discovered I really like the process of writing and all the challenges it presents. I will be working with other publications in the near future on fly fishing and fly tying articles. Thanks for reading them. My hope is to share the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to receive.

-Michael McAuliffe

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Read my article "Free Your Mind and The Trout Will Follow" for free with the Kype Magazine virtual issue above.

 Read my article "Bug Week" for free with the Kype Magazine virtual issue above.

Read my article "Learn what Trout Really Eat" for free with the Kype Magazine virtual issue above.


George Harvey Slack  Leader Formula  

Modified George Harvey Leader

Here is the leader formula referenced in Episode 14, February 2008. This is a modified leader formula for nymphs and dries, based on George Harvey's Slack Leader Formula. This is the only leader you need for most small to medium sized streams and rivers.

Stream Etiquette  

Stream Etiquette

Over the past thirty years I have had the good fortune to share many of our nation’s best rivers as a catch and release fly fisherman. In that time, I have encountered all manner of fishermen.  Most are a pleasure; a few would do well to read this document.