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Fly Tying Video JC'S Biot Body Iso Spinner


For this weeks fly tying video our Resident Fly Tying Guru John Collins ties up one of his own creations JC'S Biot Body Iso Spinner. The first time I fished an Iso hatch/spinner fall with John I became a believer in his flies. Same water, same fish, hell we were almost fishing the same drift and he cleaned my clock. No, it was not a bad presentation smart guy, he was using this and I was using a haggard ugly dubbed Iso. Trust me, this will out fish all your other Iso Spinners 5/1. Go ahead and tie some up.


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J.C.’s Biot Iso Spinner

Thread: Iron Grey Uni 8/0
Hook: Dai Riki 270 2x long size 10-14
Egg Ball: Medium Olive Synthetic Dubbing
Tails: 2 Bleached Moose Body Hairs
Abdomen: 2 Mahogany Turkey Biots
Thorax: Phil Baldacchino Bicolor Mahogany Dun Polly Dubbing
Wing: Hi-Vis size 9 or 11