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For 2011 we are bringing a whole new group of talent to our fly fishing video and fly tying video podcast. We have arranged to film with:

Official Tyer of Fly Fishing Team USA-Leslie Wrixon Anglers Choice Flies Wets-Michael Schmidt Realistic Fly Tyer -Bob Mead
Innovative Tyer/Author/Artist -Jay "Fishy" Fullum
Author and Fly Fisherman -Charlie Meck
Author and Fly Fishing Guide- Eric Stroup

John Kavanaugh tying the HTA and Last Chance Cripple

We will also be adding instructional videos and articles exclusive to this site not available on our itunes video podcast. Sign up for our RSS feed to find out the minute we upload the goods.

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Fly Fishing Video-Bug Week in the Catskills

This week we drop a Fly Fishing Video from BUG WEEK 2011! Wow, the Catskills were ON FIRE this year. The morning Olives decided not to roll, so we *GASP* nymphed and looked for (found) some morning spinner falls. The Drakes came off like clockwork, but *GASP AGAIN*...

ug Week Fly Fishing Video

This week’s Fly Fishing Video is a companion piece to my article "Bug Week" in KYPE magazine Vol. 3 issue #1. This video captures the sights and sounds of our favorite yearly excursion to the Catskills in 2010.

Fly Fishing Video - Clients and Friends

This week's Fly Fishing Video features some of my clients and friends. This is a collection of shorts; we are all having a good time and catching some Trout. Many of these are first fish on the fly, a remarkable catch for the stream, or a personal best.

Fly Fishing Video-Carp

For this week's Fly Fishing Video I'm talking about CARP people. The only fish so bad ass it has a MUSTACHE. If Carp drank, they would drink Whiskey right from the bottle and make out with your MOM. They would listen to Motorhead and drive primer grey CAMAROS...I digress.

Fly Fishing For Striped Bass Thanksgiving

For this week's Fly Fishing Video we have some footage from Thanksgiving morning. As a tradition, I go out of Barnegat with my good friend Captain Al Zalata (www.a2zfish.com), his son Zach, and our good friend Billy to start off the Holiday. It seems that the Striped Bass coming south like to stop and eat the sand eels around Island Beach State Park. This always starts a week or so before Thanksgiving...

Fly Fishing Video-Bill Newcomb and the Roeliff Jansen Kill

For this week’s Fly Fishing Video we travel to New York State and meet up with our good friend Bill Newcomb from the Catskill Fly Tyers Guild. Bill lives right by the Roeliff Jansen Kill, a fantastic smaller stream that is stepped in History. Bill talks about the stream, we teach you how to get the fish to see your fly when the water is covered in leaves, and get a look at a few of the classic flies that Bill is known for Tying.

World Class Fly Fishing with John Kavanaugh

For this weeks Fly Fishing Video we have some footage from the Catskills that we shot a few weeks back. Joey "the arm" Gilbo and I went to fish with our good friend John Kavanaugh for three days. The rivers were at perfect levels for the drift boat, and the bugs were cooperative to the point of the fish almost not feeding because they were full! This may be the most fun I have ever had on a fishing trip. Several points we laughed so hard it hurt!

Fly Fishing Video - Darren Rist Delaware River be ready for the hatches...

For this weeks Fly Fishing Video we travel to the Catskills to do some fishing. We met up with our good friend and Upper Delaware River Fly Fishing Guide Darren Rist. The initial plan was to fish the Hendrickson Hatch but Mother Nature had other ideas on the subject. This turned out to be a good thing because Darren broke off some sage like advice that will help any angler get more out of a fly fishing trip.

Fly Fishing Video Eric Stroup Reading The Water

For this week's Fly Fishing Video we show you some footage from October. We drove out to PA to meet up with our good friend Eric Stroup. We filmed a segment detailing how Eric and I read the water to find likely holding spots for Trout. Eric and I both like to dissect the water we are going to fish by identifying the seams where fast and slow water meet. We also throw in a few common sense pointers that will help any angler get an edge over the Trout.

Fly Fishing Video False Albacore Watch Hill RI

For this weeks fly fishing video, we show you footage from a fall trip to Watch Hill R.I. We met up with Mitch and Johnny “White Shoes CCL” to chase down some False Albacore and Stripped Bass. Everything they say about that crazy run the Albies take is true. When the Albies went down we took the boat inside and slammed Bass on Poppers. If you fish the salt, you need to try and target the False Albacore and ruin your reel…

Fly Fishing Video Saltwater Bluefish and Stripers

In this months Fly Fishing Video we have two Saltwater segments filmed with my good friend Capt. Al Zalata filmed in Barnegat Bay NJ. The first segment is from June when the Big Gator Bluefish were in the bay.The second segment is from a few days ago when the fist fish of the fall Striped Bass run showed up. We also have some good tips for setting up cheap wire bite guards for the bluefish.

Fly Fishing Video Darren Rist and Green Drakes

This week we drop a new fly fishing video from the Delaware River with fly fishing guide Darren Rist. I headed up with Joey "the hookset" Gilbo, our own fly tying Guru John Collins, and fellow Catskill Fly Tying Guild member John Kavanaugh to hit the Delaware. Darren said he would put us on the Green Drake hatch and Coffin Fly Spinner fall. Darren does not lie and we had an amazing day.

Charles Meck Fly Fishing Video

For this week's fly fishing video we travel to PA and fly fish with Charlie Meck! Charlie shows us his strategy for using attractor patterns in still water. Learn to set up an attractor rig using a Patriot and Green Weenie. These two patterns are super effective and versatile - a must have for your fly box.

Fly Fishing video episode 21

For this week's fly fishing video we travel to PA and fish the Sulphur Hatch with Eric Stroup. Eric shows us his strategy for fishing the hatch. Learn to set up these three rigs that all work on his modified Harvey slack leader. We catch a bunch of beautiful PA Wild Brown Trout in some of the most stunning public water I have ever seen...

Fly Fishing Video Gruendyke Dam

March fly fishing video 2008. In this weeks episode we take a look at conservation. Trout Unlimited notches the Gruendyke Mill Dam on the Musconetcong River. This is the first step in removing the Dam. This is just one of many upcoming projects slated for Trout Unlimited's Home Rivers program.

Fly Fishing Video 14

For February's fly fishing video 2008 we traveled to central PA and did some winter fishing with respected fly fishing guide Eric Stroup. Check it out and learn about what to do when the water temps nose dive, a leader formula for nymphs and dries, and a different set up for tandem nymph fishing.

Fly Fishing Video 11

December fly fishing video 2007. Winter fishing is here! We are true "12 monthers", and the Trout get no time off. Winter is one of the best times to go fly fishing. This month we show you how to set up and fish a simple tandem indicator rig. Be super hardcore. Get out in the snow and enjoy miles of water that nobody else is fishing.

Fly Fishing Video 10

November fly fishing video 2007. This month I hit the salt with Captain Al Zalata from www.a2zfish.com and Captain Mike Corblies from www.americanflyfishingschools.com in search of Weakfish. This is one of my favorite species, and more fly fishermen should be targeting them. Join us and learn the basics for this great game fish.

Fly Fishing Video 7
October fly fishing video 2007. In this months episode we take a look at conservation. Didymo Algae has been found on some of the North East's best rivers. Learn how to stop the spread of this dangerous invasive species before it hits your home waters. Then we electro fish a local Trout Conservation Area with NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife staff and volunteers from Trout Unlimited. Learn what goes on behind the scenes for determining the best way to manage your fisheries.

Fly Fishing Video 8
September fly fishing video 2007. In this months episode I am joined by Shaq and Nushranger from www.theanglersnet.com to learn their technique for catching big carp on the fly. Why do carp get no respect? This is one of the hardest, spookiest, and toughest fish to catch. Shaq and Nushranger demystify carp with their effective technique. Use the information in this video and catch some carp on the fly. When you have almost no backing left, you will understand why people fly fish for these brutes.

Fly Fishing Video 7
August fly fishing video 2007. This bonus Episode features footage from a great day Trout fishing on the West Branch of the Delaware River. This video captures one of those days when it all goes right. Joey Gilbo and I followed some great intel. from Baxter House guide Darren Rist. Darren KNOWS his river as you will see from the footage. Thanks Darren.

Fly Fishing Video 6
July fly fishing video 2007. This months Episode features the conclusion of our introduction to Smallmouth Bass. In part two of two, host Michael McAuliffe demonstrates the two most effective techniques for Delaware River Smallmouth Bass.

Fly Fishing Video 5

June fly fishing video 2007. This months Episode features the late June-July fly fishing report for the North East. In part one of two, host Michael McAuliffe gives anglers the low-down on fly tackle, techniques, and flies for Delaware River Smallmouth Bass. Tune in next month for the exciting conclusion.

Fly Fishing Video 4
May fly fishing video 2007. This months Episode features the late May-early June hatches in the North East. Host Michael McAuliffe shows his afternoon strategy for fishing the emerger stage of the Sulphur Hatch.

Fly Fishing Video 3

April fly fishing video 2007. In this months Episode we talk about fresh and salt water conditions on the East Coast after the major flood events in April. My friend Tom catches his first Trout on an Elk Hair Caddis, and Captain Al of A2Z Fish takes us out for the first trip in Barnegat Bay since putting the boat back in.

Fly Fishing Video 2

March fly fishing video 2007. This months Episode deals with Fly Fishing techniques and patterns for the opening of Trout Season in NJ. Not from NJ? No problem! The fly fishing techniques featured will work almost anywhere in the Northeast and beyond. Footage of Brook Trout Stocking and interviews with: Rick Axt from TU's New Jersey State Council, local Trout Guide John Heaney, Trout Guide and Catskill Fly Tiers Guild Member John Collins.