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Read Learn What Trout Really Eat by Michael McAuliffe in Kype Magazine

Echo Fly Rods

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I am super fortunate to be a part of the following Pro Staffs. All of these companies are the best at what they do! Go to their websites and check out some great gear!

We only tie on Regal Vises, the Best there is!





Products I use regularly...

Fantastic reels! Nautilus Reels are way more than Jewelry for your cork. These reels are super smooth, beautiful, and will stop anything you can get a hook set into... Nautilus reels   Echo Fly Rods
Tim Rajeff designed Echo Rods to be the best fly rods you can buy. Designed for hardcore anglers from all walks of life, at a price everyone can afford.



American Fly Fishing SchoolsWe are a proud member of the American Fly Fishing Schools. We are an international network of fifty professional guides and instructors catering to all of your fly fishing needs almost anywhere.

Purchase John Collins-Ultimate Quality Flies™

We have teamed up the the great folks over at MyFlies to bring you the highest quality flies available anywhere. The best Fly Tyers and Materials means more fish in the net.

Fly Fishing Auctions

A very cool site run by our good friend and Realistic Fly Tyer, Bob Mead. This is a fantastic fly fishing auction site. They have Classic Flies, Tying Materials, Fly Fishing Memorabilia, Fly Rods, and the like.


The only local forum I post on. The members actually talk about fishing!. Go check out the site and learn a thing or two about a thing or two...

Catskill Fly Tiers Guild

Members of the Catskill Fly Tyer's Guild firmly believe that the development of fly fishing in the Catskill Mountains of New York is synonymous with the development of fly fishing in the United states.

Mike Schmidt's Angler's Choice Flies

Mike is one of our favorite Tiers to hang out with at the shows. He is always Tying up big crazy streamers and classic winged wets.


eric stroup

Our friend Eric's web site. Besides being a great guide and expert fly tyer, Eric is a blast. Go out to central Pensyltucky and get guided on some amazing water. Eric is possibly the best Trout Guide in the country ...a bold statement indeed.


Charles Meck Author and Fly Fisherman

A legend. His numerous works include the third edition of Trout Streams and Hatches of Pennsylvania, and Meeting and Fishing the Hatches. The nicest man you will ever meet. Charlie is a class act and has forgotten more than you will ever know about Trout! He also has a great Hatch Chart located over here.


fish central pa lance wilt

Our friend Lance Wilt's site. Lance is a guide working with Spruce Creek Fly Company in PA. His site has a great weekly updated fishing report, tips, tricks, and flies.

My Good Friend Captain Al Zalata's site. Go catch some Stripers and Weakfish in the Salt on your Fly rod. Al is more fun to fish with than a barrel of monkeys. He also knows the Bay better than you know your own face. You will not be sorry...

My good friends Geoff and Robin's site. The Anglers Net. Lots of great fly fishing and fly tying videos to check out. They deal with Great Lakes, Spey, Warmwater, Saltwater, you name it.



Double Haul Dirtbags

A bunch of aging HC/Punk kids who took up fly fishing. Ugly, rotten, drunk, and AWESOME! All I can say is Double Haul for the win...


salty riffle blog

Our friend Jim in CT. Jim guides on the Farming ton & Housatonic. He drives slow in the left lane and loves NJ.

The Daily Fly Paper

This is a great fly tying blog (and not just because they have featured us a few times) all about fly tying. They feature fly tying videos, art, auction information, and all kinds of cool fly tying related information.


Fly Fishing gear and DVD reviews, contests, news, ideas for trips, funny stuff, what's not to like?


Alex c 40 Rivers to Freedom

Alex C's Blog. We were super bummed when he killed off the Daytripper without warning. The good news is that he is back and we are psyched.


The Anglers Net Blog

Geoff and Robin's Blog. It is updated several times a week with excellent content about fly fishing the Capitol District and Beyond. .

The Rusty Spinner

The Rusty Spinner isn't particularly informative. Readers won't learn much about equipment, casting, tying or conservation. Just GOOD WRITING!

Eric Stroup Blog

You want to know what is going on in PA? Then you better not mess around with other sites. Stroup is the man as far as guiding central PA is concerned. Hear the haps straight from Trout Central.

Flygal and others write from way up north

Flygal and others sharing knowledge, experiences, imagination and good humor. They also take some really super nice photos.

Matt Grobert's the Caddis Chronicles

Fellow NJ author and Fly Fisherman Matt Grobert's Blog. Matt has great taste in fly patterns. Check out what he is talking about this week...


Music Featured By Permission


There are so many reasons to love Cable. Songs about rivers and mountains and why you should go to them. Heavy, experimental, great. They fish too...

Laser Flames on the Great Big News

Laser Flames on the Great Big News features members of an amazingly diverse roster of bands including CHRISTINE, ENFOLD DARKNESS, and TODAY IS THE DAY. Unexplainable mix of doom/country/rock with soaring vocals and a huge wall of guitar sound. Best new band I have heard in years

Supernova Records

Founded by the man, Steve Austin. Home of Today is the Day and other great bands like Christine, Complete Failure, and Taipan. Heavy sounds that may not be your cup of tea. This is some of our favorite music and it is featured in our videos by permission. TITD Supernova is possibly the greatest album ever...