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Fly Tying Video Zebra Midge

This weeks Fly Tying Video features special guest fly tier and central PA guide Eric Stroup tying the Zebra Midge. This is a super simple pattern that kills all over the country. Get the Recipie for McAuliffe's Glass Bead Zebra Pupa. A must have for all you guys and gals fishing the NJ, and NY freestoners this spring.


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Zebra Midge Materials
Hook: TMC 2487 or 2488 #16-24
Bead:2mm Tungsten
Thread: 8/0 black
Rib: Small wire for #16-20 Extra Small Wire for #22-24

McAuliffe's Glass Bead Zebra Pupa
Hook: Daichii 1130 #22
Bead: Spirit River Quicksilver Extra Small
Thread:8/0 Dark Brown
Wire: Silver Extra Small
Tail: 5 Strands of Antron Yarn