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Fly Fishing Video-Eric Stroup Ties the J-Bug

I am mad about this fly. When I say that I mean I am ANGRY! Eric Stroup has once again NAILED a super simple and effective guide style fly pattern. Why did I not think of this?!!! Damn my square head and ham fists!

Anyway, Eric has come up with a fantastic BWO Nymph pattern that uses all of 4 materials that you already own. This is a fly that you can tie in three minutes and it crushes the fishes. The Jbug can be tied all big style to represent the early spring olives, or you can tie it in the 20's for the little buggers in the autumn. It even has a split color difference between the top and bottom of the abdomen.

I thought that Pheasant Tail Fibers had been used in every possible way. Damn you. Damn you Eric Stroup, and your never ending boat of good guide style fly ideas! Just kidding, thanks for the sick fly.


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The Jbug

HOOK-Dohiku #302 size 12-20
THREAD-Danville olive 6/0
TAIL-Pheasant tail fibers
RIB-Copper wire small
BODY-Natureblend olive
SHELLBACK-Pheasant tail fibers
WING CASE-Pheasant tail fibers
LEGS-Mottled brown hen