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John Collins ties the CDC Puff Baetis Emerger


This week John Collins rolls out one of his original flies, the CDC Puff Baetis Emerger. This pattern is meant to represent an emerging Blue Wing Olive. Olives split their shuck on the bottom and swim up to the surface with wings exposed as an adult. FISH THIS PATTERN ON THE BOTTOM!!! Olives get out of their shuck on the bottom and swim up with their wings already out. We catch more fish in May and June with this pattern than all others combined. This one is quick to tie, indestructible, and catches TONS of Trout. Just the way we like ‘em…


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CDC Puff Baetis Emerger

Hook: Dai Riki 270 #18 - #20
Thread: Dark Brown
Rib: Brown Ultrawire Small
Tail: Mallard Flank Dyed Olive
Dubbing: Olive Rabbit
Wing: Dark Dun CDC Puff