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March 2018 NEW SITE COMING!!!

I am hugely honored to be a new member of the Whiting Farms Pro Staff. Best feathers in the game...

I have joined the Partridge of Redditch Pro Staff! Sharp, strong, inovative. What's not to like about that?

Fly Tying Video - John Kavanaugh Ties The Last Chance Cripple Cornuta

John Kavanaugh joins us again for this week’s Fly Tying Video and twists up the Last Chance Cornuta Cripple. This is fly is John's take on Rene Harrop's deadly Western pattern. It has been adapted for an East Coast hatch, the Cornuta or Large Blue Winged Olive.

John Kavanaugh ties an ANCHOVY!

For this week’s Fly Tying Video we are super fortunate to have our good friend John Kavanaugh. John joins the podcast with his Saltwater Fly Pattern the H.T.A. or Hy Tye Anchovy. This is a FANTASTIC fly pattern that was developed to imitate an Anchovy

Fly Fishing Video-Bug Week in the Catskills

This week we drop a Fly Fishing Video from BUG WEEK 2011! Wow, the Catskills were ON FIRE this year. The morning Olives decided not to roll, so we *GASP* nymphed and looked for (found) some morning spinner falls. The Drakes came off like clockwork, but *GASP AGAIN*...

JCS Electric Caddis Larva

For this week's Fly Tying Video, John Collins and I revisit the Electric Caddis. This was one of our first videos way back when people still had cameras that had tape (two years ago LOL.)

Fly Tying Video-Jeff Blood ties the Blood Dot

For this week's Fly Tying Video Jeff Blood ties up the Blood Dot. This is hands down, the best egg pattern out there. This is a great fly in the fall and spring when eggs are in the drift and a readily available food source.

ug Week Fly Fishing Video

This week’s Fly Fishing Video is a companion piece to my article "Bug Week" in KYPE magazine Vol. 3 issue #1. This video captures the sights and sounds of our favorite yearly excursion to the Catskills in 2010.

Fly Tying Video Eric Stroup Ties The Jbug
For this weeks Fly Tying Video Eric Stroup Twists up the Jbug. a fantastic BWO Nymph pattern that uses all of 4 materials that you already own. This is a fly that you can tie in three minutes and it crushes the fishes. It even has a split color difference between the top and bottom of the abdomen.
Mike Schmidt ties the Meal Ticket
For this weeks Fly Tying Video I am super excited to have Mike Schmidt on the podcast! Mike is a hell of a fly tyer, and he kind of specializes in streamers. I am talking about the really big stuff you throw for huge fish. This is an articulate streamer about 5 inches long.
Fly Fishing Video - Clients and Friends
This week's Fly Fishing Video features some of my clients and friends. This is a collection of shorts; we are all having a good time and catching some Trout. Many of these are first fish on the fly, a remarkable catch for the stream, or a personal best.
Fly Fishing Video-Carp

For this week's Fly Fishing Video I'm talking about CARP people. The only fish so bad ass it has a MUSTACHE. If Carp drank, they would drink Whiskey right from the bottle and make out with your MOM. They would listen to Motorhead and drive primer grey CAMAROS...I digress.