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Fly Tying Video Sulphur Soft Hackle Spinner

For this weeks fly tying video, Eric Stroup joins us with an inventive take on a Sulphur Spinner pattern. His Sulphur Soft Hackle Spinner is easy to tie, can be fished wet or dry, and kills it out on the water. I have been using this pattern for the Sulphur Spinners and believe me, it works. Who would have thought you could use a soft hackle for a spinner? People with beards are super tricky. Didn't your mom warn you about them?


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Materials List

Hook: Daichii D1560 #14-18
Thread: Danville Orange 6/0
Tail: Med Dun Hen Feather Fibers
Abdomen: Danville Orange 6/0
Hackle: Med Dun Hen Feather
Thorax: Light Rust Rabbit
Head: Orange or Red Danville 6/0