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Fly Tying Video-Eric Stroup Sulphur Nymph

For this week’s Fly Tying Video, our good friend Eric Stroup returns to twist up the goods. Stroup’s Sulphur Nymph is definitely my weapon of choice to match these Mayflies subsurface. If you think that fishing the Sulphur Duns and Spinners is the most effective way to go, I can tell you you are missing out. Year in and year out I catch more Trout fishing a nymph rig with the nymph closer to the weight, and the emerger trailing 20 inches behind. Yes, you want to fish the emerger subsurface because the split their shuck while swimming to the surface, NOT IN THE FILM!

I have been privy to the previous two (very effective) incarnations of this fly. The addition of the brown Thin Skin really makes this look like a Sulphur Nymph that is ready to emerge. I also like really the 50/50 proportions that Eric Ties this bug in. My advice is to tie these up and put them in the rig that I show in Episode #21. You will catch fish with this fly!

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