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Read Learn What Trout Really Eat by Michael McAuliffe in Kype Magazine

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Fly Fishing Presentations and Fly Tying Demos

2010 We will present Fly Fishing 12 months in New Jersey at the following locations

February 24th Delaware Valley Fly Fishers 7:30pm

April 12th Ernest Schwiebert Chapter TU 7:30pm

New Jersey Guide/Video Podcaster Michael McAuliffe has created an innovative presentation entitled Fly Fishing 12 Months in New Jersey. This 60 slide multimedia presentation is based on several years of intensive research studying seine and stomach samples, insect behavior, and Trout feeding patterns. I have documented my findings with stunning photos, video, and animations showing you exactly what Trout are eating each month of the year, and the simple techniques and patterns that match these food sources.

The research for this lecture was done in Ken Lockwood Gorge on the South Branch of the Raritan River. However, 95% of the information also applies to the Musconetcong River, The Pequest River, and the Big Flatbrook River. This information can also serve as a base to work on any freestone stream or river in the North East. I am available to present to your club, organization, or business. Contact me here for pricing and options.

Fly Fishing Presentation

Example of one of the slides documenting food source/behavior, and the flies/techniques to match them.

Fly Fishing Presentation

Example of one of my animated life-cycle slides. The insects swim/crawl/fly to show actual behaviors.

Macro Video From Fly Fishing Ken Lockwood Gorge Presentation

My presentations also includes macro video of surprising insect behaviors that will change the way you catch Trout. Fly tying may also be included after the presentation if so desired.