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Fly Tying Video Green Weenie

For this week's Fly Tying Video, extra special guest tyer Charles Meck ties up the Green Weenie. This is one of those great patterns that falls into the category we call "Guide Style" and Charlie calls "One Minute" flies. This is my favorite style of fly because they are cheap, easy, indestructible, and they catch fish. This is also a great pattern for all of you looking for a good pattern to start tying flies with. This fly works well as an attractor, dropper, in a tandem nymph rig, matches inchworms as a terrestrial, and if tied smaller (size 16) will match some Central PA Caddis Larva very well. Take 5 minutes and tie up a dozen of these bad boys.


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Green Weenie Materials

Hook: Mustad 9672 #10-#12
Weight: 10-20 wraps .010 lead
Thread: 10 lead wraps=Olive
15 lead wraps=Chartreuse
20 lead wraps=Red
Tail/Body: Chartreuse Chenille