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Read Learn What Trout Really Eat by Michael McAuliffe in Kype Magazine

Echo Fly Rods

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Slack Leaders

You want em' you got em'! After being asked to sell these allot over the past couple of years, I decided to go ahead and do it. I am not setting up a whole web store just yet, we are going old school by check for now. Each leader is 6$. For all the information on the leaders go here for the full explanation

Check Payable to Michael McAuliffe 12 Emmans Rd. Ledgewood NJ 07852

Slack Leader


Fly Fishing T-Shirts and Flies

We made these because most fly fishing T-Shirts and sweatshirts have no style. We wanted to make some fly fishing gear that was cool enough for the kids, but classy enough for the more "seasoned anglers." Click here or on the image to the right for our apparel store.
Fly Fiahing Shirts by Rise Form Studio

John Collins-Ultimate Quality Flies™

We have teamed up the the great folks over at MyFlies to bring you the highest quality flies available anywhere. The best Fly Tyers and Materials means more fish in the net. All of JC's flies are hand tied by John Collins himself. Stop messing around with poor quality internet discount flies. GET THE BEST!
Buy Ultimate Quality American Flies Tied by John Collins