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Fly Tying Video-John Kavanaugh ties the HTA

For this week’s Fly Tying Video we are super fortunate to have our good friend John Kavanaugh. John joins the podcast with his Saltwater Fly Pattern the H.T.A. or Hy Tye Anchovy. This is a FANTASTIC fly pattern that was developed to imitate an Anchovy. This is a huge forage off the North East and Mid Atlantic coasts for the False Albacore. Damn near every False Albacore I have ever boated was fooled by the Hy Tye Anchovy.

John really nailed this one. It is cheap, easy, indestructible, and a dead nuts match to the little anchovies that Albacore love to tear up. It is our Go To pattern and it ALWAYS brings Albert to the boat. With False Albacore fly fishing just around the corner, you better get on it and twist some of these bad boys up. Funny thing, I would never even look at a pizza w/Anchovies, but I would never go out for albies w/out them.

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