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Fly Fishing Video-Clients and Friends

In 2009 we had all the water in the world. The East Coast also enjoyed nice cool weather all summer long. There were a mere 5 days in 2009 that the water was too warm to fish for Trout.

2010 was a way different story. We started out with high muddy rivers, and ended up with super heated trickles. This made for a tough season. I was done guiding for Trout in June, and the filming options went out the window. We couldn't’t even drive 3 or 4 hours to find water to film on! Anyway, the Trout made it through the old drought and sauna gag.

When I am guiding or fishing, I always carry the camera to shoot video of my friends and clients. This is a collection of shorts; we are all having a good time and catching some Trout. Many of these are first fish on the fly, a remarkable catch for the stream, or a personal best.

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