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Fly Fishing Video-Mustache Down Tails Up

Well, it had to happen. Last summer we had COOL weather and LOTS of rain and the Trout fishing was EPIC. This year we have NO water and it is HOT as hell so the Trout game is OVER for now. I'm not crying because this gave me the excuse to put down the 4 and 5 wt rods and pick up the 6 and 8 wts.
I'm talking about CARP people. The only fish so bad ass it has a MUSTACHE. If Carp drank, they would drink Whiskey right from the bottle and make out with your MOM. They would listen to Motorhead and drive primer grey CAMAROS...I digress.
NY has some, so does NJ. Good thing I have a place in both places. There are also CARP by both places in both places. Works out great if you aren't a mustache, which I am not.
Music by LORD STERLING. They are also bad ass, and fans of Lemmy who HAS A MUSTACHE. Coincidence? Grow up Junior, there is no such thing.

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