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Bug Week 2011 in the Catskills

This week we drop video from BUG WEEK 2011! Wow, the Catskills were ON FIRE this year. The morning Olives decided not to roll, so we *GASP* nymphed and looked for (found) some morning spinner falls. The Drakes came off like clockwork, but *GASP AGAIN* were mostly IGNORED in favor of that sneaky underdog Mayfly known as the MARCH BROWN.

Amazing Dry Fly action was had by all thanks to John Kavanaugh leaving his fly boxes around the camp for us to pilfer. Most of the action was around dark for the first few days but the day shift fish made a strong showing the last few days of the trip. Limey Rich and I only went up in flames one night because of the Damned Sulphur Spinners, but that is a story for another day... Anyway, sit back and enjoy the shenanigans, bugs, and hero shoots all scored by the incomparable John Doe...

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