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Fly Fishing Video - World Class, With Johnny "River Right" Kavanaugh

For this weeks fly fishing video we have some footage from the Catskills that we shot a few weeks back. Joey "the arm" Gilbo and I went to fish with our good friend John Kavanaugh for three days. The rivers were at perfect levels for the drift boat, and the bugs were cooperative to the point of the fish almost not feeding because they were full! This may be the most fun I have ever had on a fishing trip. At several points we laughed so hard that it hurt. When I sat down to edit this video, I decided to just show how much fun you can have fly fishing with your friends and leave out all the technical stuff. I have noticed allot of hardcore fly anglers can forget how much fun it is sometimes.  I also got permission to use a song by the band Laser Flames on the Great Big News that I really love and I think works really well with the footage. John "RIVER RIGHT" Kavanaugh is an amazing host and fly fisherman. If you ever get a chance to fish with the guy, you can't go because Joey and I are taking your spot!

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