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Fly Fishing Video-Best way to Setup a Fly Reel

For this week’s Fly Fishing Video, Industry Representative Bill Dawson (Sage, Rio, Reddington, C&F) teaches us the best way to set up a fly line and backing. I thought I was doing everything right by taking the extra few minutes to tie a Bimini Twist to connect my fly line and backing. This is more proof that fly fishing is a lifelong pursuit, and you will always be learning. Anyway, Bill shows us a loop splice with a Cortland Splicing needle that is a way better connection. This is strong enough for a Tuna, and has no knot bulk at all. He also shows us a loop-loop to loop connection between backing and fly line. That was not a typo I said loop-loop to loop. This squeezes the loops for a smaller profile, just watch the video and it will make total sense...

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