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Fly Fishing Instructional Casting Video - Dave Brandt Teaches the Roll cast

For this week's Fly Fishing Video Catskill Legend Dave Brandt joins us up on the Battenkill. The plan was to do some Trout fishing and maybe a little filming. The sun got bright and the fish went down, so we decided to do a segment on the Roll Cast. Apart from being an amazing fly tyer, Dave is also a fantastic casting instructor. In this instructional fly fishing video Dave breaks down the Roll Cast and gives some great insights in to when and how you should employ the technique. This video will not only benefit beginners with the basic steps to learn the Roll Cast, it will help seasoned anglers take a closer look at cleaning up their casting technique. Watching and listening to Dave while we filmed this made me re-think how and when I use the Roll cast. It also made my roll cast look a lot nicer than it did...

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